NewTecHomes - Concept & Engineering

Our log and timber frame homes are manufactured from high quality pine, farmed and slow grown in Scandinavia’s unique Arctic climate to produce a high density raw material with a long life span and low carbon foot print.
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NewTec log homes

Unlike traditional log builds which use logs for the external frame ( a system which favours cold, dry Scandinavian climates ), our specially engineered log system protects against environments characterised by high moisture content ( e.g. the UK ), or extremely hot temperatures ( e.g. Southern Europe ). Our insulation is air tight to the structure with an external ventilation system producing better energy efficiency than traditional log homes. With precision engineering our logs are manufactured to produce tight notches with a specially designed profile for precision fit and construction ease.

NewTec timber frame homes

Our pre-cut timber frame system is compatible with any climate and can be manufactured to produce low energy or passive homes, the latter having increased external insulation with low energy windows and doors: Our use of specially designed steel brackets and fixings enables us to produce stronger and more durable timber frame structures and allows for a faster and more efficient construction process.

NewTec log and timber frame homes

Our experience with log and timber frame construction enables us to combine the concepts for maximum creativity and design structures which incorporate log and timber into external and internal walls. Furthermore, this system is particularly advantageous because the strength of the interlocking log mechanism allows for increased structural capacity for larger house and commercial designs.
For a unique external finish, our systems allow for log and timber frame to be combined with stone, steel and glass.


Cellulose and other sustainable / ecological materials are used as insulation in all of our homes, to keep them warmer in winter and cooler in summer. Installed or injected with air into floor, wall and roof cavities so that the outer structures can breathe and maintain a balance between temperature and moisture levels, our insulation provides a healthy environment that is particularly beneficial for people with breathing conditions and skin allergies. Importantly, the insulation products we use reduce fire risk because their fire fighting properties carbonise rather than burn in conditions of extreme heat. Boron compounds in our insulation also protect against rot, fungus, termites and rodents. The types of insulation we use also have excellent soundproofing properties.